Major Attractions in 5 Star Hotels

Be it 5 or 3 star hotels in Manali all of these make their best efforts to please the guest. Manali tour packages therefore have association with one of the best hotels in the city. However, here we restrict to the features and the facilities offered by the luxury hotels in the place. Here we are going to discuss the major attractions in 5 star hotels.

Décor of a luxury room at Hotel Honeymoon inn Manali

A good hotel offers you not the room with the fake plaster but the one that has real plaster walls or at least walls built of adobe, stucco or wood. There are the original works of art on the walls, be it the paintings, the numbered prints, or even the art photos. In addition to this good hotel offer you room with the windows and at least one of the window that the room has can actually be opened. The windows are covered with the pleasant looking fabric curtains and obviously strong enough to prevent the light from entering the room.

Luxury room furnishings

Inside the room of a luxury hotel you are sure to find the bed of king size having a reasonably and adorable firm mattress in addition to the smooth all-cotton sheets. The bedding must mark an absence of the synthetic mattress cover but the presence of a natural-fiber bedspread. Apart from this there ought to be a good range of pillow types or at least made available on a phone call. The room must be furnished with an adequate storage in the form of table top and a counter, drawer and a closet space having the sufficient hangers.

All in all, these are the major attractions in 5 star hotels. These hotels ensure that you have a comfortable stay so that you visit them again.


What are the Facilities you Should Check in a Hotel

Whether you are going out for a conference in some other city or you are traveling for a holiday trip, selecting the right hotel is very much needed. If you are at a hill station such as Manali or so, you may come across a number of options such as the luxury hotels in Manali. But if you are looking for a hotel within your budget, here are some of the facilities that you should surely have a check for.

The Room

When you are checking for accommodation, one of the most important factors that you should take care of is the comfort. You should have a comfortable bed, proper food facilities, and all the basic necessities that it required. If you are planning for a big city, you can easily search for options like bed and breakfast Delhi. Even for some other places, you can easily search online with the facilities and you can get them.

The Customer Service

Apart from the services and facilities that you expect in your room, there are also some other facilities that you can look for. These are the free Wi-fi access, inquiry desk, clock room, and so on. If you are there for a conference or so, make sure you stay in a hotel that has a restaurant too so that you do not have to search for food separately.

For The Tourists

If you are a tourist and you are on a vacation, it is a great idea to get the hotel in a package. When you take an option of Manali tour package or something like that, you do not have to spend your time in planning about the trip. You just have to relax and enjoy.

You can come across a wide number of hotels available in every city. But it is important that you check in the right one. Hence, it is important to have a detailed check of all the services and facilities offered by the hotel prior to your booking.



How to Select the Right Option for Different Trips

You may be traveling to a different location for various purposes such as holiday, work, or for your honeymoon. For different purposes, you may need a different arrangement and hence you need to plan accordingly. Hence, before you look for the options such as Delhi budget hotels, you need to plan up your trip according to your purpose.

For a Vacation

The holiday season is about to start and a number of people plan out to travel to different places to take a break from work. Whether you are going out with your family or your friends, you may search for a hotel that is decent and within your budget. For example, you may look for Manali hotels and resorts with some of the basic services and facilities. One of the most important thing that you should do is to read out the reviews well, check out its location, and then compare the prices to make the final booking.

Work Purpose

A number of people may travel to some other cities for work purpose such as a meeting or a conference and so on. Normally, accommodation for such people is provided by the company itself. In case, it is not, then you need to look for a proper place that can offer to make you comfortable for the number of days you are staying.

The Honeymoon

When you are going out for the honeymoon trip, you need to look for a good hotel, and a planning to visit the best places so that the trip can get memorable for both of you. If it is a new place for you, the best option is to select options such as Manali honeymoon packages.

Different purposes of visit need different planning. Hence, you should act accordingly so that you can get the right accommodation and the right options while you are traveling to some other city for your purpose.


Ways to Get Great Hotels at Cheap Prices

Are you looking for some good hotels and resorts for your holiday this season? You must be looking for great services, a good environment and all these at a price that can be afforded by you. So, basically, you must be searching for options such as a budget accommodation in Delhi or so. Here are some of the tips through which you can book great hotels at great prices.

Book in Advance

One of the basic tips is to book your hotel rooms in advance. It is quite normal that if you are planning to trip to some hill stations during the holiday season, you may even not get a reservation so easily due to the rush. So, if you have such a plan in mind, you should act a bit fast and search for options such as Manali hotels and resorts at least 2-3 months in advance. Due to high demand, the prices of the hotels increase as the dates approach closer and hence you should try to book the hotels when the prices are within your range.

Go by The Stars

This is quite a normal thing that you should know your budget and then book your hotel accordingly. First set a budget within which you wish to get a hotel and then look for the hotels in that price. If you are going out with your family, you should make sure to get a hotel that is decent enough and is also within your range. In such a case, you can go for the averagely rated hotels with three stars or so.

Compare Before You Book

Today, you can have a look of sites where you can compare hotel prices and also get deals on them. You can make use of such sites to check and compare the options such as Manali hotels rates and get the best deal to go for.

Everyone wishes to get accommodation at a cheap price when out for a trip. But, of course, comfort and safety is also an important factor. Hence, you can make use of the above tips to get a good hotel at a good price.


Tips to Celebrate a Great Honeymoon Trip

Newly married couples are always advised to make all the arrangements in advance for their honeymoon trip so that nothing goes for a mess. The basic few important elements that your trip should have are a comfortable journey, a good stay and romantic memories. If you are looking for your honeymoon within your budget you can always select accommodation accordingly such as cheap hotels in South Delhi or so, but there are many other things that you need to consider.

The Hotel Environment

When you go out with your friends for an adventure trip, you may not consider this factor much. But when you are with your family or when you are on your honeymoon trip, this factor becomes the most important point to care for. You should check properly the hotel reviews and the services before you get it booked. You can always search online such as the best hotels in Manali and you can get a wide number of options among which you can select the one that suits your budget and your requirements.

The Places to Visit

What is the point if you are not aware of the places of attractions and you waste your days exploring things that are not so famous? Hence, when you are planning for your trip, you should check out the various spots where you can go with your spouse and make some great memories.

Things to Do

If it is your honeymoon trip, you need to sure that you make your spouse completely comfortable and there are no problems between the trip. If you are not much aware of how to go to different places and how to make the trip a romantic one, you should leave the work to the experts. You should opt for options such as Manali honeymoon package and should relax down and enjoy the trip.

Planning a trip somewhere needs a lot of homework. If it is your honeymoon, the planning actually should be more detailed and hence letting the experts serve you is the best option in hand.


Hacks to Retain Guests to Your Hotel

Manali Hotel Booking – If you are getting guests at your hotels via Manali tour package the it is a good opportunity for you to convert them into your loyal customers. The Manali tour packages fetches good amount of guests for you and it is really up to you as to how you use the opportunity. Here are the hacks to retain guests to your hotel.

Empathetic and Caring

When guests arrive at the front desk of your Luxury hotels in Manali to check in, then at that point of time they are not only tired because of the travel but at the same time they are also most of the time very hungry. In addition to this, it is possible that they might be stressed as well as annoyed because of over traffic or the airport delays. I this case, you can turn the situation to your benefit by understanding the feelings of the guests and then being empathetic. This will not only provide then with the comfort that they require but at the same time will also enhance the overall experience.

Willing to go Above and Beyond

Yours is not a fixed salaried job where you can stick to a particular routine because you are going to get the same output. Here your output can always vary and these can vary for the good if you make efforts. The guest service agents at the hotels must be willing to go a little above and a little beyond their job description so as to ensure that the guests are happy. You must not allow your employees to restrict to particular job description but always motivate them to go an extra mile and for their efforts you must also be ready to give them the desired reward.

All in all, these are hacks to retain guests to your hotel. It totally depends on you as to what efforts are you ready to put in so as to lure as many guests as you can. On top of that the most primary thing that matters are not fetching the guests but retaining them.


Things to Impress Your Hotel Guests

Manali hotels are able to attract millions of visitors each month owning to the hospitality they have in their hearts for the guests. Manali honeymoon packages make you stay at diverse types of hotels but one feature in common in all these hotels is the fact that they try to make their customers happy. Manali hotels and resorts try their level best to do things that can make their customers happy and satisfied. Here we are with the list of things to impress your hotel guests.

Be able to anticipate the needs of guest

There is no sphere or sector of the economy that can run well as well as successfully without being able to anticipate. Similarly, anticipation plays a very important role here as well. The staff that you have recruited at your hotel must learn to anticipate and know to anticipate. This quality one can inculcate only with the experience. You must be able to anticipate the needs of the guests the moment they arrive at your hotel. This you can do by looking at the physical situation, like who is a couple, who is carrying babies, who belongs to which age bracket etcetera.

Keeps the guests engaged

You cannot afford to make your guest feel neglected and ignore. You must make it a point that you have to grab an ability of engaging with the guests to result in meaningful conversations as it plays a very important role for the success of your hotel. You must train your employees to ask questions as well as at the same time probe how the hotel can possible deliver a great as well as a personalized experience to their guests. An employee who us out-going can not only drive the revenues but at the same time they are also able to capture good as well as the positive online reviews.

All in all, these are the things to impress your hotel guests. Doing these little things will have built a soft corner in the hearts of your guests for you and they will make it a point that next they visit the place they stay at your hotel.